picos refuge
Vega de Ario Refuge and Jultayu Peak. Sea of clouds over Cares gorge.

More than a hundred years old, this National Park has three massifs: Eastern or Ándara, Central or Urrieles and Western or Cornión, divided and modeled by the rivers Sella, Dobra, Cares and Deba, and its shared by three autonomous communities: Asturias , Cantabria and Castilla León. 

It has 200 summits over 2000 meters and slopes reaching 2300 m+. The short distance that separates it from the sea provides abundant rainfall, which in winter is snow at high altitudes, some snowfields this high stay frozen all through the summer. This also makes frequent fog banks, so feared by mountaineers, because of the difficulty to navigate around.

Centuries-old human presence has chiseled the landscape and filled every corner with history. It offers a myriad of ecosystems, kingdom of chamois and vultures, bears and wolves, egyptian vultures and the reborn bearded vulture.