biescona beech forest
La Fallona, a centenary beech of La Biescona.

This limestone mass so close to the sea, is the best viewpoint on the eastern coast, almost an aerial view of Colunga and Caravia beaches.

It hides innumerable treasures such as La Biescona beech forest (the lowest altitude beech forest in Spain) or the Cueto la Texona (the largest yew forest in Europe) with more than 8000 yew trees some of them nearly one thousand years old.

From its highest point, the Pienzu Peak (1161m) you could see a karst landscape full of sinkholes, blind valleys and other beautiful formations. As well as one of the best views of the Cantabrian Mountain Range.

It´s common to see some Asturcón horses (a semi-wild horse breed that was almost extinct) as well as the fallow deer, introduced in the 1960s with great adaptation success.